My biotech ideas

Biotechnology lessons I pulled together based on information that is "out there".

Many of these documents are based on information that is freely available on the Internet (WWW), textbooks, or journals. I did not intentionally borrow anyone's unique ideas without crediting them. If you find that I did not indicate where unique ideas came from, please let me know so I can remove the document from this site. I have no intention to present someone else's ideas as my own.

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Lectures on content stuff, not directly related to a lab:
Lectures relating to lab protocols or procedures
Handouts to accompany videos
Activities that are not necessarily wet labs
Virtual DNA Fingerprinting computer program
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Solution math (doc.)

(I can not take credit for knowing much of the math well enough to have created this. I searched several websites, books, and protocols to get the information for this document. Please check it for errors, especially since I found discrepancies among the sources I used.)

One of the BEST resources for solution preparation protocols is the Flinn catalog. If you don't have one, contact them to get one.

Basics of lab solutions (.doc)- notes I wrote that are NOT perfect.

Solution exercises (.doc)- like with everything, double check that they make sense before you use them.

Solutions students can make (.doc)- I had students make up some of the reagents we'd be using throughout the term.

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Lab Notebooks:
DNA labs

There are tons of DNA extraction labs out there. I used the spinach lab from the Biotechnology on a Shoestring book. One year we did a variety of vegetables/fruits using the protocol. I had been told that strawberries gave the best results, and for us that is what we found. Strawberries gave a huge amount of DNA.

This is a general DNA extraction protocol from plants. My goal with this lab was to get the students experience on equipment and with techniques moreso than to get DNA from a plant. If all you want is DNA, then this is NOT the best protocol to use. It takes two days to do- and I was on 90 min periods.

DNA extraction from many plants (.doc)

Having to do with running gels, PCR, micropipetting

PCR labs sponsored by BABEC- these are some organizational sheets I wrote to accompany the labs

BioRad labs
Other labs

Test parts- These are some drawings of gels that I used on tests/quizzes.

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General documents that I can't figure out where else to place
Casual advice-

I was emailed some questions about starting up a class. The info may be helpful for others, so if you want to read a copy of it, click here.

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