Here are links to many websites I created or am involved with doing.

In the last 10 or so years I have been tinkering with websites. I figure I might as well accumulate a list of them somewhere, so I am putting links to them here.

Personal Sites

Embrace Challenge is this website

Embrace Challenge at Weebly- still needs to be set up

Oblivious to the Obvious

Retired with MS- I was / am planning to put my MS story here and inform others why I am retired with MS and how I now spend my days - this was to promote our wedding, and I'm not sure what happened to it. this was to promote our wedding, and I'm not sure what happened to it.

Schooling Virtually- stories and impressions with being a student or a teacher in online settings.

Biotech biotch- this site is supposed to list the stuff I taught when I worked in SF. When I get the site to work again, it will be linked here. The kids I taught my 3rd year there really did not like me, so I coined the term that I was the biotech biotch to have some humor. Had I been able to drive when I retired, I wanted to be the biotech biotch in my local area by taking labs to schools and doing them with the teachers. I'll have to put details of why this idea did not happen at Retired with MS.

Bay Area Sunsets

Grab a Cat for Humanity

My Urban Garden- We had a tiny vegetable garden in our sunroom. I took tons of pictures and used an Adobe program to make slideshows. Last time I tried to access the site, the link did not work. Hopefully the Embrace Challenge migration I'm doing in April 2016 will include fixing My Urban Garden.


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Sites I'm hoping may generate income one day

Online School Surveys- this is actually a non-functioning website where I used to have the survey business I ran for 5 years. After serving on Visiting Committees for accreditation and saw how surveys that I wanted to see schools use for data were just being used to demonstrate they actually asked people what they think, but that was about it, I became very disillusioned and stopped my business. Plus, people can do these surveys to prove you did a survey for free now, they don't need me. Oh, also the software that I would have had to pay over $1000 to keep the license stopped supporting surveys that were submitted - I would have had to spend another $4000 to reactivate the license. I did not charge enough to justify the $1000 annual license, let alone restart it for a few thousand dollars.

So, Online School Surveys is in the income section because I am willing to sell the domain name. If you are interested in buying it from me and have $10,000 to spend, contact me.

Science Teachers Stuff- I will be selling several items that I created while I was a teacher. It is mainly t-shirt designs, curriculum cards, or stickers I gave to kids.

Virtual Shopping- a wordpress website that is also at oblivious to the obvious, at least until I make some money and can give it its own location that is not an add-on

Learning STEM a la Carte- which has a link on the left navigation bar- and I really should turn this part of the page into its own page and just call it my websites. Next time I have too much time to kill I"ll update Embrace Challenge that way.

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Sites from online courses- Things I made while in the Boise State EDTECH program, or from other classes

Getz Guides, Getz Guides is a place where I put tutorials I wrote while being a graduate student. Later I made tutorials as I worked with chemistry students who needed help on specific topics.

Integrating Technology into the Classroom, the first site I made at Weebly. It was for a class at Boise State.

My Learning Log while I was at Boise State

A book / pamphlet I made online at Issuu- Chemistry book at Issuu

My EDTECH portfolio- what I did for my Masters in Educational Technology

A fake portfolio that I made in some class to practice putting together a portfolio.

Project Based Learning activity I created in EDTECH 542, Local Hunger

Nonprofit site

Cloud Craft Classroom- This is where we have our nonprofit. Please visit and donate some tax-deductible money.

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