My EDTECH type of stuff

In 2014 I finshed a Masters of Educational Technology at Boise State, online. Their classes are fantastic. Here are some links to projects I made in some of my courses.

My Learning Log- this is where I put bits and pieces of courses and coursework as I completed them. It is like a diary of my time at Boise State.

EDTECH 502- how to make websites and intro to CSS

EDTECH 506- visual literacy

EDTECH 505- this is a summary I made about our book, in part because I wanted to try out Articulate software

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EDTECH 511- Interactive Courseware Design

I finally created an interactive lesson on significant figures and dimensional analysis. At the moment the final version that I submitted needs some revisions, but I wanted to have it available at Embrace Challenge so you can see what I was able to do.

EDTECH 524- here are a few animations I made to accompany announcements I made in BlackBoard

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EDTECH 541- Integrating Technology into the Classroom
I did this in Weebly, which was pretty cool to use.

My EDTECH portfolio- where I did my final project

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hybrid classroom- is defunct at the moment; I had to leave the place that was hosting my Moodle spot because it got to be too costly

this is where I'm putting up Moodle shells that I've created. Some of the "courses" are currently being designed so that other people can hybridize their classes.

3dGameLab- has a new name and as soon as I figure out what it is, I will put it here

I did the 3dGameLab during the summer 2012 and it was amazing. I learned how to make android apps. Now keep in mind, these are elementary and I did not write any unique code for these. I am learning, though, and it is pretty incredible.

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