Here are links to apps and various other things I learned by doing 3dGameLab. Have fun!

I think I just made an app. Clicking on the link should allow you to open or download an Android executable app. HelloPurr app

QR code for the HelloPurr app


This is the QR code that should take you to the location of my HelloPurr app. Is this freaking cool or what?!?

MonsterApp this will ideally open up a video showing you the app in action.

Or maybe this will open up a page where you can play the video?

PaintPot2 app- should open the software so you'd upload it to your Android device

QR code for PaintPotV2 apppicture of the Paint Pot V2 app

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No Texting While Teaching

what the Blocks Look Like

texting labels screen

what the desing looks like

It works! I need to thank Dr. Hsu for posting this link- if he already had it posted, apparently I was oblivious. I just tried this technique and the app works! I don't have the vibration happening, but I don't know if the emulator is supposed to vibrate.

An image of what happens when I make the call:

Texting app worked

Link to the actual app so you can download it.

and the QR code:


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Mole Motion or Move Mole or Mole Hopping- the app where the mole jumps around the page and we play Whack-a-mole with it.

image of Mole Moving app

This totally cracks me up- I have not finished this app quite yet, but I have a mole jumping around the screen. I did a SnagIt video of it so you can enjoy the randomness, too. LOL

Mole Motion HTML page- should open in new tab or window

One day I'll learn how to embed the video into my own page instead of using one that Camtasia makes for me.

OK, the app is made and here is a video of me playing the app!

Link to the actual app.

QR code images for Move Mole:

QRCode..... QR code for Mole Mash

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Visiting Paris? Check out these places:

Map Tour App

qr code for paris app

The blocks used for the Paris map app


Cover Screen for Paris tour menu for Paris map tour

Latin quarter far Latin Quarter zoom

L'Arc de Triumphe

video of me playing the app

"original apps"

Now I get to venture on my own. I still want to create an app that teaches Significan Figures, but I don't know how to translate my idea into app language yet. So for now I'm watching YouTube videos to get ideas of what I can do.

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Click to appear

This first one goes from invisible to visible on the click of a button. Credit for this idea goes to: The Tut Spot

If you want to download what I created, click here.



screen before click screen after click

layout for appshow image blocks

Four Images

My goal is to create an app where an image not only jumps around like it does in Move Mole, but I want the images to change. This is an app with four images and clicking on the button advances from one image to the next. I just have the images reside in a horizontal organized space instead of identifying the x and y coordinates. Ultimately what I want to figure out is how to get the images to show randomly without having to click a button between images. I don't know how to get there yet.

As you can see, this app is not nearly as efficient as the last one- this is another reason I think this app can be improved.

Link to the Four Images app to download

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QR code Four Images

four images planning area

blocks buttons 1 and 2

blocks buttons 3 and 4

four images initial screen image 1 emulator

image 2 emulator image 3 emulator

image 4 emulator

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Different Quest: Make a poll

I made an online poll accessible via QR code.

link to Melissa's poll smalllink to poll to go big

Cellblock is another online app that lets you create photo albums. I created a cellblock of my QR codes. Check it out if you want to:

qr code for cellblock album

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