Cover your A** (CYA)

Things to do to protect your job...or not do...

Things that are bad ideas:

  1. Don't have sex with a student. Don't even joke around about it.
  2. Don't do drugs with a student.
  3. Don't sell drugs to a student.
  4. Don't ask a student to bring drugs to class. (Yes, I know of a chemistry teacher who wanted to show something about marijuana and actually asked a student to bring some to class. She lost her job.)

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  1. Document document document
  2. If you call home, write down date, time of call, who you spoke with, what was said
  3. If you give detention. Write down who, why s/he has detention, when it is to be served, where it is to be served.
  4. Referals- if your school does not use multiform paper, photocopy the referral before you turn it in.
  5. If you have a parent conference- write down when, who was present, what was discussed, what actions are supposed to happen
  6. Spontaneous visitors, like parents. Write down, who, when, and why they visited. Indicate they were not invited. Turn in to appropriate administrative person.

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  1. Find out what the school policy is for students driving themselves to/from meets/matches/games/exhibitions
  2. Find out what the school policy is for students driving other students
  3. Find out what the school policy is for parents to drive their own children or other children

Transporting students:

  1. Be VERY careful about giving students a ride home. What seems like a nice thing can backfire.
  2. Follow ALL traffic rules. Don't show off. Don't try to be cool. Model good, safe driving.
  3. Don't get in a wreck. Very bad for insurance reasons, too.
  4. Fill out any district required paperwork for transporting students BEFORE you drive them anywhere.

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Being in the classroom alone with a student

  1. Always a bad idea, but sometimes you just can't avoid it.
  2. Leave your door open if you can. Make sure passersby can easily see in your classroom.

Personal safety:

  1. Lock your door if you are working alone after school. Let your students know if you will answer the door or not if they knock. If you want them to do a special knock, then tell them what it will be. (I actually had a parent spontaneously show up after school. My door was not locked. That was the only time I felt threatened by a parent, but it was enough for me to rethink locking my door after school.)

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