Set of cards that can be cut out and used for seating locators. You'll want to laminate or cover with clear contact paper before using them so they don't get mangled. Mine lasted for 8 years and were covered on 1 side with clear contact paper. It works!

They are "color coded" to help out the students or for you to use them in some first day activity that requires groupings. It is also easier to match them up when you can use color to sort them out. I believe there are about 48 cards on this page for you to use. I certainly hope you do not have 48 students in your class!



silver card

aluminum card

americium card

argon card

arsenic card

gold card

boron card

barium card

beryllium card

bismuth card

bromine card

carbon card

calcium card

cadmium card

californium card

chlorine card


curium card

cobalt card

cesium card

copper card

fluorine card

iron card

francium card

hydrogen card

mercury card

iodine card

iridium card

potassium card

krypton card

lithium card

magnesium card

molybdenum car

nitrogen card

sodium card

neon card

nickel card

nobelium card

oxygen card

phosphorus card

lead card

polonium card

radium card

radon card

sulfur card

seaborgium card

silicon card

tin card

strontium card

xenon card

zinc card